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Build Your Robot

We are 'Makers!'

We all are 'makers' - we build new things, try whether it works or not, and tinker with it till it works to our satisfaction.

At buildurrobot.com, we have maker based projects kits to match various skill levels. Our kits are designed to teach 'Making' to students from grades 7 and above (including adults). Our objective is to bring 'digital fabricated' parts and electronic components in the form of low-cost kits, so that every child gets to make things.


Our requirement was to offer a course in Robotics and its applications to 8th graders at Southern Merrimack Christian Academy. 3D Educational Services (3DES) and Nandu Vellal's mandate was to provide content and value to the in-class sessions, but 3DES has become so much more. 

3DES allows teachers to interface with students in a more personal way and bring project-based learning full-circle with their examples, cheat-sheets (Robotics Vocabulary), quizzes and in-class assignments!

- Mr. David Weir,  Southern Merrimack Christian Academy, Robotics Teacher, Fall 2017


Use our 'Do-It-Yourself' (DIY) kit which contains digitally fabricated parts, electronic components and miscellaneous hardware to build your contraption of choice and explore the possibility to extend using 3D Design, 3D Printing and other digital (or traditional) fabrication techniques.


IMG_3301 (1).jpg



Use drag-and-drop programming to program your robot...or other contraptions. 

Currently we offer systems based on Micro:bit micro-controller and we plan to offer other micro-controller based systems soon. We provide online drag-and-drop user interface to program your robots....


Extend your robot by designing your own attachments.....

We will provide all the necessary tools, techniques and helpful information, so you can tinker with it further and use your creativity to build amazing things!

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